вторник, 31 юли 2012 г.

Малки дантелени обувчици

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  1. Such sweet little lace shoes, love them! Beautiful flowers & photos, as always ~ Love stopping to visit your beautiful blog.

  2. Dear Nelly, I`m alwayes so exited when I see your name on my bloglist, as I know there will be BEAUTIFUL things to see, on your blog.
    And also today,-OH your little shoes are so very lovely, how wonderful you made them, and they looks adorable between your lilac flowers.
    A beautiful fairytale again, sweet Nelly.

  3. I love the shoes!!So beautiful!!
    You have so many beautiful colours on your blog!!
    Lovely with all the white..:))
    Have a nice evening Nelly:)
    Thank you for every comment on my blog..:)
    From Camilla:)

  4. So lovely and so bautiful. It is total inspiration to look at your art.
    Eva Agnes

  5. Those are the cutest little shoes and lovely bouquet too!


  6. Thank you for every beautiful word on my blog Nelly!:)
    You are an inspiration..and i am glad i found you and your blog:)Have a really nice evening and weekend!:)
    Hugs from Camilla:)

  7. Your photos and blog are just beautiful....I will be following!