четвъртък, 10 април 2014 г.

Много ми е люляково . . .

Много ми е странно, защо снимките, които качвам тук са такива сиви и тъмни!? Същите снимки ги качвам къде ли не в интернет и са с оригиналните си цветове и осветеност. Има ли някой подобен проблем?

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  1. Beautiful lilacs, Nelly. Love the wallpaper, it`s gorgeous.
    Have a great weekend.
    Big hug from here

  2. Really beautiful Nelly, such lovely colours. Have a lovely weekend:-)

  3. Сюрень, уже...у нас еще только почки на ветках сирени набухают! Невероятно красиво!

  4. Your photos is perfect-not grey and dark!Love lilac and the wallpaper is amazing dear!!!
    Have a nice weekend!xoxo

  5. Lilacs are one of my favorite flowers. Your photos are perfection. Full of charm and beauty.

    Have a great weekend.


  6. Your photos are so beautiful and inspiring. I love lilac! Have a lovely rest of the weekend. Xo

  7. Beautiful blog! Thank you for making us happier with your lovely photos!

  8. Oh such beautiful lilacs - are these colors from two different trees?
    You display them so beautifully!
    Such a joy for the eyes!

  9. Nelly, these colours, I love your blog - so different :)) ! Such beauty, such an eye, such style - thank you.
    WONDERFUL :))))
    My best wishes, Méa

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  11. Dear Nelly!
    Soo beautiful.....Love it!

    Hug Camilla.

  12. Quel charme : tes photos sont de vrais tableaux !

  13. By chance I met your blog and I must say that your photos are lovely, romantic and exceptional quality!
    Congratulations and greetings from Italy '!

  14. Nelly Love your blog and the pics were perfect lilac and pinks ..no greys.....Ive shared with so many
    keep posting ....so inspirational....hugs Lorraine